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Project Description
This project aims at providing you with a Responsive publishing SharePoint 2013 website using the well known responsive Amazium HTML framework.

We have all heard of the term Responsive Web Design, right? So, what does this mean for us SharePoint people? We need a way to support all of those different screensizes out there, ranging from mobile phones to the larger HD screens. Preferably without the hassle of creating different masterpages for each and every device.

The hard way would be to create your own responsive HTML that is wired up with SharePoint. This could keep you awake for several days/weeks/months and eventually have its toll on your ability to communicate with humans :)

The other possibility is to take an existing responsive framework and bolt it on to SharePoint.

Our way!
Well.... because we valued our family and friends, we've decided to take the "bolting on" route.

There are currently several SharePoint initiatives out there, based on existing frameworks like Bootstrap, Skeleton and Zurb. But none for Amazium, a popular and very clean HTML framework. And since SharePoint is an amazing product, the name Amazium fits perfectly. Oh, and the fact that we wanted to avoid some of the other frameworks recognizable profile.

So we decided to create one and started of with only a few highlevel requirements:

Our solution:
  • Targets SharePoint 2013;
  • Aimed for public websites (although perfectly capable of running on intranets/ extranets);
  • Office 365 and SharePoint Online compatible.

Recent News/ Updates :
  • A Christmas Special!
It was a cold and wicked travel, filled with danger and peril but finally after many many many many miles and almost breaking down to the point of total exhaustion, we found it!!!!
Way up in the northpool.........It's really there........Santa's Factory !! ( no we can't tell you where it is ) It was an Amazium....ehhhh, I mean amazing sight to see. Everywhere Santa's elves and helpers building Amazium.......darn it !!! I mean, amazing things and toys for childeren and grown-ups all around the world.
But we were there for just one thing ( although I really wanted that new X-BOX ), the Amazium SharePoint 2013 roadmap! So we waited untill darkness fell, that way we could slide into Santa's factory undetected and steel ( hmmm... I hope their aren't any young kids reading this. ) Santa's Amazium SharePoint 2013 Roadmap and feature list.
( What!!?? Don't give me that look........ We've gotta update you folks about what's to come right! )
Anyway....... we weren't really gonna steal it. We're just gonna make some copies of the list.
So, we managed to make the copies and leave Santa's factory undetected. But when we finally got back home to take a look at the Roadmap & Feature list we discoverd that the pictures were decoded and that we couldn't see anything. I guess some kind of signal must of tampered with our equipment.
It took us quite a while, but we managed to decipher a small part of the list and here's what we can tell you.
That they day before Christmas the first version ( v0.1a ) will be availible for download on CodePlex.
We're still deciphering more and more........So stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to know which features will be availible in this first version.

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